Monday, April 12, 2010

Aktel becomes Robi: Any Change?

I am an Aktel user and I think that I am using a prepaid connection of Aktel since January 2004. So, it is 6 years. I did not have any major problem with the company in the last 6 years and I am not an unhappy customer. So, I really could not understand the sudden change of name from Aktel to Robi. I have no problem with name Robi but instead of any change in name, I would have loved to see the company introduces some new offers to attract the consumers.
For example, in 2005, the company launched Internet through mobile phone in Internet Fair 2005. However, it never took this service seriously and Grameenphone and Citycell benefited. Right now, many people use Internet through Grameenphone and Citycell but not through Robi. So, I would like the company to become aggressive on it.  
As for myself, I really have not seen any change in anything. As a customer of 6 years, I expected that they would give some kind of new offer to us. I am not sad for it either as I am not a mobile phone addict. All I am saying is that where is the change except in name? 

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