Friday, April 30, 2010

Childhood Obesity in USA Impossible to Stop

I think that it is impossible to stop or even decrease childhood obesity in the US. The simple reason is that the problem is not with the children. The problem is with adults. The parents willingly or unwillingly eat fast food items and take their children to so called happy meals. Many school authorities arrange that the fast food companies can sell their foods in school cafeterias so that the schools can earn some money.  
Fast Food companies donate millions of dollars to charity organizations. Thus fast food giants sometimes get blessing from religious organizations even. So, it is impossible to fight against the machinery of the fast food industry.
If the US government wants really to fight against childhood obesity then they have to get into the bottom of the problem. Fast Food is a very attractive industry: Study: Insurance companies hold billions in fast food stock
Childhood obesity is becoming a serious problem in USA. There is a lack of determination among the decision makers to fight against the problem. 

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