Monday, April 26, 2010

IPL Fiasco: Why Lalit Modi is Evasive?

Lalit Modi is no longer the head of IPL. He was suspended by his colleagues at BCCI. Today, most of his supporters are more or less silent as they are perhaps under investigation too. 22 charges have been brought against him and almost all of them are related to financial irregularities. I was keeping a close watch at what Modi was saying last few days.
In a Twitter Message, he said:
Wait for the ipl to finish - I will reveal the men who have tried to bring disrepute to the game and how we stopped them from doing it.

Before that he blamed media:
Media putting stories without verification goes to show how Media can misuse there power. Don't get influnced by all these baseless stories
Truth will prevail soon. Trial by media and no chance to present the facts is like the wild west. Wait and the facts will be delivered.

Yesterday, at the IPL closing ceremony, he said:
I assure you all the decisions have been taken jointly by the governing council and approved by the general body of both the seasons 1 and 2 of the IPL.
Still as leader of the team I reassure you that if there is any flouting of the rules and regulations or any other irregularities I shall take full responsibility.

Last night he also said:
"Are they so scared of me attending the meeting? Are they so scared of the truth?"

What I can see is that Lalit Modi is evasive. He is not replying to any of the accusations against him. It was not the media who created these accusations. 

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