Monday, April 12, 2010

KFC double down chicken sandwich: Why wont I eat it?

KFC double down chicken sandwich is generating a lot of media buzz today in Internet. It is understandable as many people are searching about it. Some people are saying that this sandwich really isn't bad. I don’t simply care because from my own personal experience, I have realized that I must omit fast food totally. I was a very big fan of fast food for many years and then I got obesity which is not sweet.
So, yes, the picture of KFC double down chicken sandwich looks very attractive to me but I really wish that I never eat this.
I know that many people would like to point out that this sandwich is better than many other fast food items. Still, in the end, to me, it is a fast food item and I really wish to avoid it if I have enough will power. I really miss my childhood days when my eating habit was much better. Today, I ate rice, lentil soup, smashed potato, smashed eggplant and smashed egg. There were some onion and green chilies in them and there was tomato too. It was home made lunch and I enjoyed it with all my heart. 

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