Saturday, April 17, 2010

Laila Mahmood and Lalit Modi: What is Going on?

Surely, today is the day of Laila Mahmood. She is the step daughter of RCB owner Vijay Mallya but she did not come to media headlines for her step father. Rather the name of Laila Mahmood is now associated with Lalit Modi in a very negative way. There are some allegations against her that she removed documents from Lalit Modi’s office and if the allegations become true then she can be in some kind of real trouble. Income Tax officials questioned her for it.
What happened is that recently, income tax officials went to Lalit Modi’s office and in CCTV footage, they found that a woman was going from Modi’s office and the woman was later found out to be Laila Mahmood. What Laila Mahmood did was that with her she had a laptop and she had some papers and documents with her. It is not still clear whether they were sensitive documents or not but it raised some suspicion in the mind of income tax officials who raided Lalit Modi’s office and they questioned her today.
Lalit Modi has not yet clarified that what kind of documents Laila Mahmood removed from his office. He just said that he was not in his office at that time and he had nothing to hide.

Here, it should be mentioned that removing any documents that is related to income tax is a very bad thing and Laila Mahmood even can be prosecuted for it if she had done with ill intention.
The father of Laila Mahmood, Vijay Mallya, has said that he had no information about the whole matter and he has talked to Lalit Modi about it who assured him that the situation was under control and there was no problem.
What bothers me is that in the last few days a lot has been said about Shashi Tharoor and his relationship with Sunanda Pushkar. It was said that this relationship made the whole matter a conflict of interest for Minister Shashi Tharoor. All the opposition parties are now shouting for his resignation over the whole matter. What I cannot understand is that how come the stepdaughter of Vijay Mallya works for Lalit Modi. Doesn’t it cause any kind of conflict of interest? After all Vijay Mallya is one of the owners of the IPL franchises and his step daughter perhaps should not be in the job with Lalit Modi over the running of IPL.
In the last few days, a lot of bad things have been said about Sunanda Pushkar and it was alleged that she was some kind of proxy for the minister Shashi Tharoor. However, today it seems that Laila Mahmood is going to take the place of Sunanda Pushkar and most probably tomorrow, people and the media will talk about Laila more than Sunanda Pushkar. This is not a good thing because the bad part is that the media is perhaps talking too much about the women rather than the male figures in the whole controversy. After all, it was Lalit Modi and Shashi Tharoor who are the main players in the whole game.
The revelation of Laila Mahmood’s act of removing some documents and laptop comes at a bad time for Lalit Modi. BCCI high officials are perhaps some annoyed with him for the whole controversy and bad media coverage given to IPL. In fact, now most TV channels and news papers are not talking that much about IPL matches that are taking place in the stadiums but they are talking about the controversy between Lalit Modi and Shashi Tharoor.
The future of Laila Mahmood is also perhaps at stake. In the next few days, I can imagine that the journalist will start trying to dig everything about her. This is very sad thing too because until now there was hardly anything about her in internet. Even in Wikipedia, there is no information about Laila Mahmood.
Perhaps, the Laila Mahmood episode has given Shashi Tharoor camp something substantial against Lalit Modi. It will surely take some of the attention away from Sunanda Pushkar at the moment. 

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