Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Lalit Modi: The Curse of ICL?

Today, it seems that everyone wants the head of Lalit Modi who is the head of Indian Premier League IPL. There are all kinds of investigations against him other people related to IPL. Things don’t look nice for him at this moment and it seems that it might be just a matter of time that he will have to go. He has already made it clear that he wont leave and there is no doubt that Lalit Modi has some powerful allies both in the governing Congress Party and main opposition BJP.
So, I would not be shocked if he survives this storm. Of course, it was Modi who started all the mess by revealing the owner of IPL Kochi. Now, there is a huge demand for revelation of all the names of the people behind all the franchises.
I was thinking today that was it a curse of Indian Cricket League or ICL? ICL was started by Zee to take advantage of the popularity of Twenty20 cricket. They did not nothing wrong but to make T20 popular in India. Lalit Modi and his friends at BCCI ran after ICL with all their energy and ensure the destruction of ICL. ICL was a private venture to earn money by promoting cricket. All they did was to sign some good player and arrange some tournaments.
ICL created the opportunity for some young cricketers in India to earn some money. BCCI would not face any problem if ICL became successful because BCCI is not a business organization. It is a governing body of cricket and it is a billion dollar organization. However, some BCCI officials like Lalit Modi became greedy and they tried their best to crush ICL.
With the support of some influential politicians, Lalit Modi may survive this time but his name has got tarnished in the best possible way. The name of IPL has also got tarnished. May be it is time that private ventures like ICL again makes a come back and promote cricket. 

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