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Live Score Websites of T20 World Cup 2010

ICC World Twenty20 2010 kicks off today (30 April) with New Zealand taking on Sri Lanka and host West Indies playing against Ireland. The 12-team tournament is now the centre of all attention in the cricket world. Fans are expecting a highly entertaining tournament.

Twenty20 is the shortest version of cricket which is time consuming and at the same time, it is full of excitement because of its hard hitting batting. It takes around 3 hours to finish a game in twenty20, and that is why, there are many who believe that this format would be the perfect vehicle to increase cricket’s popularity in Europe and in the US, two important markets that cricket is yet to explore. Twenty20 cricket was first introduced in England in 2003 and initially it was nothing but a fun game. The main objective of introducing this format was to bring more crowds at the stadiums in England. Now, it seems that the format worked well not only for English cricket, but also for world cricket. However, people should understand one thing is that there should have a balance between test and T20 cricket. Otherwise, test cricket will be extinct and noting can be more dangerous for cricket than that.

Twenty20 world cup 2010 is the third edition of this tournament. The inaugural edition took place in South Africa in 2007 where India became the first champion of world twenty20. After two years in 2009, Pakistan clinched the title defeating Sri Lanka in the tournament final in England. Pakistan played in the final on both occasions. This year the tournament is going to be hosted by West Indies who organized the 2007 world cup (ODI) successfully.

Matches will be held at three venues: St Lucia, Barbados and Guyana. Cricket fans are now eagerly waiting to see their favorite teams on the field. It is a tournament where you will be tired of counting the number of fours and sixes hit by the batsmen. It is a tournament where a dot ball will give you the same pleasure or tension that you can get from a four or six. This bat-and-ball war will reach at the peak in this tournament where the course of a match can change after every few overs. The format is very fast where players need to think first as well as move first. In the recently concluded IPL, I saw that a number of captains were punished for slow over-rate. It proves that there is no time for thinking for the players during the game. Players just need to go on field and start performing. This is the simple rule to survive in this format.

Twelve teams are divided into 4 groups and each group contains 3 teams. In the group stage, each team will play against other group members in a round robin league system. Two teams on the basis of points achieved will go into the Super Eight round. In Super Eight, teams will be divided into 2 groups of four teams each, and from each group 2 teams will progress to the semi final. Winners of the semi final round will meet in the tournament final on 16 May 2010.

Well, it is true that a number of television channels are going to cover the tournament, but still many cricket fans may miss the live action due to their personal or professional works. That is why, I am here giving some website address from where they can get the live score and updates of the matches all the time:


Cricinfo is perhaps the best place for getting live score and updates of cricket matches. The website provides ball by ball text commentary along with live score. So, you do not miss any action of the game and get to know everything at real time. Moreover, cricinfo’s live core pages get updated automatically after every few seconds. So, you do not reload the page again and again. Besides live score and text commentary, you can get cricket news, matches reports and many other cricket related things in cricinfo.

Yahoo Cricket

This is the official website of ICC World Twenty20 2010. So, you can understand that this is destination for many cricket fans who would like to get tournament news and reports. Most importantly, you can enjoy live score and updates of the matches in this website. Moreover, tournament fixture, point table and pictures are all available in this website.


Cricket365 is another website who would cover the tournament extensively. Besides tournament news, articles, pictures and other information, cricket fans can also get live score with live text commentary of the matches in Cricket365. You just follow the link given above and there you will get the live score links of the currently ongoing to upcoming matches. So, visit the website and check if this is the site you are looking for.
Cricket World also provides live score of the international cricket matches with live commentary. Besides live score and commentary, you can get news regarding betting, TV, ratings, and cricket statistics. At the top left side of the page, you will see a link of ball by ball live score. What you need to do is to click on the link and go to that page where you will get the list of the ongoing or upcoming matches. Just click on the link of the match that you want to get.

Express cricket

Another website who provides live commentary with updated scores of the matches. At the top, you will get the links of the upcoming matches. So, you just click on the link that you want to enjoy and then you will text commentary of your desired match. Moreover, cricket fans can also get cricket related news, schedules, rankings and photos in this website.

Sify Sports

The link given on the name of the website is of the live score page of Sify Sports. Just visit the page and there you can see the live commentary links. What you need to do is to follow the link and enjoy the live score with commentary. Sify Sports covers other sports too alongside cricket. So, you can get information and news of other sports to in this site. The good side of the site is that it gets reloaded automatically after every few seconds. So, do not need to reload the page manually. The score will be updated time to time.


BBC does not need any introduction. This is one of the most famous news channels in the world. BBC will also provide live score of the twenty20 world cup 2010. It is good news for the cricket fans because BBC’s quality would be very good and you can really rely on them regarding any kind of information related to any sport. More importantly, cricket fans can also get extensive coverage of the tournament in BBC.

You just visit the link given on the website name and it will take you to the live score page of Cricketextra website. On that page, you will get the list of the ongoing or upcoming matches and besides each match you can see the links of scorecard, commentary, simulation etc. You can click on the link of the service you want to enjoy. Besides this, you can get to know about other information about cricket and the tournament in this website. is another website who provides live score and updates of international cricket matches. On the live score page of the site, you can get four sections: Today’s match, Tomorrow’s match, Recently completed, and Upcoming matches. For live score, you just need to click on the today’s match section and there you will get the list of the matches to be played today, and besides each match there is a link of View Full Scorecard. You just need to click on this link to get the live score of that particular match.


In the home page of Thatscricket website, you will get the live score links of the upcoming matches. Like other websites, Thatscricket also provides cricket news, reports, and other cricket related things for the cricket fans. So, if you are in search of live score websites, then you can give a try for it.


It is another place for live score with text commentary. The link given above is of the live score page. So, there you will get a list of matches with links of scorecard, commentary, simulation etc. Other cricket related information is also available in this website.


Cricket.sulekha also provides live score for its visitors. Following the link given above would take you to the page where you can get the live score of the current matches at the right side of the page. There are three sections: Live, Recent, Upcoming. You just need to click on Live to get the live score of the currently ongoing matches. If there is no match going on at the moment, then the message “No Live Match In Progress” will appear with a funny animation.


You can get live score of the twenty20 world cup 2010 in this webpage too. At the right side, you can see links of forthcoming matches. Just click on the link of the match to get its live score.


Action8cricket is another website who provides cricket related news and reports. I could see live score links in their site, but I am not sure if you will get live score and updates of the twenty20 world cup 2010 matches in this website. So, you just visit the website during the match and check if it gives live score.

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