Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sahara Pune Warriors: Detailed Information

Name and logo of the Pune IPL team were announced yesterday (24 April) by the owner Sahara India Parivar. The franchise will be known as Sahara Pune Warriors which will take part in IPL tournament from 2011 onwards.
The team logo features a warrior riding on a horse with a javelin in his hand and the team name “Sahara Pune Warriors” is inscribed on it. Though it is not yet decided, but the official team color could be white.
Sahara Adventure Sports Group, a sister concern of Sahara India, bid for one of the two new IPL franchises during this year’s franchise auction and won the bid for Pune spending an amount of Rs 1,702 crore ($370 million). Initially, Sahara bid for 3 cities: Ahmedabad, Nagpur and Pune, and later on chose Pune as their team base.
Subrata Roy, the director of Sahara Group, said that it was a matter of great happiness to announce the team name and reveal its logo for the people of Pune and cricket fans around the world. Sahara Pune Warriors would collect their players through an auction which will be held in September 2010. The team will use MCA Pune International Cricket Centre stadium as its home ground.
Two new teams: Pune and Kochi- were introduced in IPL this year and from next year they will be taking part in IPL. Kochi franchise is owned by Rendezvous Sports World.
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