Sunday, April 18, 2010

Shashi Tharoor Resigns over IPL Kochi and Sunanda Pushkar Controversy?

Shashi Tharoor has indeed resigned and Indian Prime Minister has accepted his resignation. 
Today, the million dollar question in India was whether Shashi Tharoor would have to resign or not. I was checking all the news sources throughout the day and just right now, it is reported that Mr. Tharoor has gone to the home of Indian Prime Minister and resigned from his post as Minister of State for External Affairs. The opposition parties have been continuously demanding for his resignation.
He came to the home of Prime Minster with his personal car not with the government car. There is also some media speculation that the official announcement of his resignation may come tomrorw morning instead of tonight. I am giving you latest update in this entry and whenever any information comes, I will update the entry.
Earlier in the week, in an interview with NDTV, he categorically denied of any wrong doing and he also stated very clearly that he would not resign. He said that he did not take or get any money and he was completely innocent. However, the opposition parties started demanding his resignation. So, Congress Party core group leaders met today. So much happened today that it will take some time describe all of them. In brief, I am telling you some of the events that happened today regarding the Shashi Tharoor controversy:
1. Sunanda Pushkar announced through her lawyer that she would give up the 70-crore stake and she would not ask for any compensation.
2. This did not please the opposition parties and even a BJP leader said that this decision Sunanda was like an admission of the guilt and Shashi Tharoor must resign or be removed by the Prime Minister.
3. Mr. Tharoor met Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.
4. Congress President Sonia Gandhi also met Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to discuss about the issue.
5. Congress Core group leaders assembled and met with Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi.

There is a rumor that while talking to the Prime Minister, Mr. Tharoor has offered to resign. There was also rumor earlier in the day that he had good meeting with the Prime Minister.

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