Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sweat equity has turned sour for Sunanda Pushkar

The concept of Sweat equity is a familiar thing in startup companies. It happens often in a start up company that an employee does not have cash but he or she has the talent and skill to make the company successful. This was the arrangement for Sunanda Pushkar in IPL Kochi team. She is a successful woman in her field. However, her association with Shashi Tharoor raised all the eyebrows and created all the controversy.

Sunanda said in a statement, "as a woman professional, I am shocked to find how easily certain parties with vested interests, questioned my credentials mainly because I am a woman. I, therefore, voluntarily offer to return to Rendezvous the sweat equity they had offered me.
I do not intend to seek compensation for the efforts I have made so far for them. As a mother of a half-Malayali son, I wish Kerala cricket well and I hope this team succeeds handsomely in IPL-4 and in the years to come."

The statement was broadcast in IPL by her lawyer. It is not clear what will happen in the next step. Most probably, now, the media will talk less about Sunanda Pushkar from tomorrow.

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