Friday, April 16, 2010

Tatra Tiger: How is Slovakia Doing Now?

Tatra Tiger- a name given to the economy of Slovakia because of its continuous high economic growth for the last few years. In January 1993, Slovakia emerged as a separate independent country after it broke away from Czechoslovakia. At first, things were very tough for the economy. Then, Mikuláš Dzurinda carried out some tough economic reforms that resulted in bringing high GDP growth. As a result, the average income of the people increased in Slovakia. The name Tatra Tiger became famous and familiar in the outside countries.
Tatra is a mountain range between Slovakia and Poland. Most part of this range lies in Slovakia and that is why perhaps the name of this growth has been given as Tatra Tiger.
Tough reforms may have ensured increase of average income but this benefit has not reached everyone. Ordinary people did not get much benefit and some of the reforms had bad impact on poor and low income groups. For example, ordinary people do not have healthcare facilities like past. Now, there is a parliamentary election in the corner.
The concept of Tatra Tiger may become tested in Slovak parliamentary election 2010.

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