Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Elisabeth Hasselbeck criticized Erin Andrews dress

Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s remark about Erin Andrews' dress in Dancing With the Stars made her cry. On May 4,2010, on the ABC talk show, ”The View,” Hasselbeck said that Erin wore “next to nothing” on Dancing With the Stars despite the fact that she had been stalked earlier this year. Hasselbeck said:

I think in light of what happened … and as inexcusable as it was for that horrific guy to go in and try to peep on her in her hotel room … in some way, if I'm him, I'm like, 'man, I could have just waited 12 weeks (nervous laughter from crowd)' … I could have seen this, a little bit less, without the prison time

Gabourey Sidibe, who was also present at the show defended Andrews. She replied

"She's getting paid to be half naked. She was not getting paid in that hotel room."

After hearing this remark, Erin Andrews told Access Hollywood reporter that she cried and she thought people can have opinions about the show but her biggest complaint was Hasselbeck is a woman and mother of two children and Erin felt that it was mockery. She said that it was like a slap in the face of people who become victims of stalkers and sexual predators.

Erin’s partner Maks Chmerkovskiy, and her co-contestants- Evan Lysacek and Niecy Nash, and Louis Van Amstel posted messages on Twitter defending Andrews.

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