Friday, May 7, 2010

India aiming for Double Export Volume by 2014

As the global economy is coming out of the recession gradually, Indian Commerce and Industry Minister Anand Sharma has expressed optimism that good days are coming for the Indian export sector. Earlier today, Mr. Sharma stated to the journalists that India also wanted to increase its share in global trade.
Anand Sharma said, "We have emerged well out of the financial meltdown and we are growing at an encouraging pace. We aims to maintain the momentum and to double our exports in 2014 as compared to the figure in 2008.
We have also fixed a target to double our share, in percentage terms, in the world trade by 2020. We have taken many steps in this direction. In our foreign trade policy, which was released last year on Aug 28, we had taken many important decisions pertaining to various schemes and incentives."
Although Indian economy has witnessed healthy growth in the last one decade, most people in the country are still suffering from poverty. Mr. Sharma said that this high economic growth is meaningless if the ordinary people do not get its benefit.  

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