Monday, May 31, 2010

Monsoon 2010 Rains Come with Optimism for Indian Economy

It is the best news for the farmers in India- Monsoon rains have come in the southern coast of the country on 31 May. Thus, it came a day earlier than the normal time and it has come with fresh optimism for the Indian economy and the farmers. After a bad rainfall of last year, things look some better this time.
The predictions are that there would be normal rainfall in 2010. Monsoon is the time of rainy season for India and some other neighboring South Asian countries. In a way, the agricultural output of entire South Asian region depends on it.
There was acute shortage in rainfall in 2009 and it had disastrous impact on the prices of basic commodities (food items) in India. Now, because of the hope that things will be normal, there is optimism that farm production will increase, price of food items will remain stable along with the inflation rate and most of all, the country would witness a healthy GDP growth in the on going financial year that would finish on 31 March 2011.
So, for now, it is the time to enjoy the rains. Of course, many people may later suffer if too much of rain comes and flood occurs. 

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  1. Shabash! (Hurray!) paus alla! (The rain has come!)