Thursday, May 13, 2010

Pakistan Defeated Egypt 6-2 in Sultan Azlan Shah Cup Hockey 2010

Following an inspirational 5-5 draw with world champion Australia, Pakistan pulled off a comprehensive 6-2 win over Egypt on Thursday in the Sultan Azlan Shah Cup Hockey 2010.

With this victory, Pakistan has 8 points from 5 games. Egypt, on the other hand, is yet to earn a point in the tournament as it lost all of its 5 games so far.

Pakistan went into the game knowing that anything less than a win would knock them out of the tournament. So, from the very beginning the Pakistanis went all out against Egypt looking for a victory by big margin.

Five Pakistani players including Muhammad Touseeq, Haseem Khan, Mohammad Waqas, Muhammad Zubair and Muhammad Irfan got their names on the score sheet. Egypt got both the goals thanks to Muhammad Hassan.

Pakistan now stands 4th in the table behind Malaysia, who defeated China 2-1 today, India and South Korea. Pakistan and Korea are level on 8 points from 5 games and the two sides will face each other on 15 May in their last match of the preliminary stage of the tournament.

India stands second with 10 points and has a game against Egypt in hand. A win over Egypt would ensure India’s place in the tournament final.

Australia with 8 points now needs to beat China on Saturday by a big margin in order to improve their goal difference which could come into effect once they will be level on points with Malaysia, South Korea or Pakistan.


  1. Indians have put their old team while all other teams have brought their junior most players.

    I think it is a bad approach of indian hockey manegement to bring once again their expereince players in such a low profile tournament..

    so dont be so happy on this success over world champions ....they are all young and inexperienced ...

  2. who ever is the anonumous who posted the above message is a sure loser..

  3. yeah really..sulan azlan shah cup is one of the best tournaments in world hockey..and this shit is calling it a low level one..

  4. INSHALLAH pakistan do better in this tournament

  5. Never mind either India or Pakistan they were the best side in world hockey. Unfortunately these europeans "White people" made this game a power game unlike it used to be a skill game. Who so ever say that India and Pakistan can not play fast hockey they must watch India Pakistan matches. they will know. The one who gave a comment on Pakistan's draw and Indian victory over WHITE RACIST Australians he or she must see the Australian team before making comments. And his comment on the level on Azlan shah tournament itself tells how ignorant that person is. Sultan Azlan shah cup is among the top 4 prestigious world hockey tournaments.