Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Zimbabwe Players Warned ahead of Tri Nation Series 2010 at Home

Steve Mangongo, the assistant coach of Zimbabwe national cricket team, said that players would have to perform and fight for the places in the national team. The warning has come ahead of the upcoming Tri Nation Series 2010 starting from 28 May. India and Sri Lanka will also participate in the tournament.

Mangongo, the deputy of Alan Butcher, also added that Zimbabwe can not show the same excuse that they are still learning for their inconsistent performance in international cricket.

He said that Zimbabwe has been playing with the same set of players for sometime now. So, he believes that time has come for the Zimbabwe players to be accountable for their performances. If they can not perform, they have to make way for others.

Zimbabwe is hoping to come back to test cricket very soon, but the team is struggling for consistent performance. Even in the recent past, Zimbabwe’s young players troubled cricket giants, but inconsistency in their performance overshadows their success. Zimbabwe showed a poor show in the Twenty20 World Cup 2010, even though they had defeated Australia in a warm-up game.

After returning home from T20 World Cup, Prosper Utseya resigned as captain. Young all rounder Elton Chigumbura has been named new captain for Zimbabwe and his first assignment as captain would be the tri nation series at home.

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  1. its time the team starts to perform to the best of their abilities.I believe the guys have what it takes to upset the indians and sri lankaens.guys we wish you all the best