Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Apple iPhone 4G in India: A lot of Interest about Price

The much expected and long awaited iPhone 4G was introduced yesterday in USA. Today, there was a lot of interest among Internet users in India to know about this device. Many Indian consumers were interested to know about the price of iPhone 4G and in Google trends this matter was reflected: iphone 4g price in india
According to Google Hot Trends India, the people who searched mainly came from:
17% - Mumbai, MH
16% - Bangalore, KA
12% - New Delhi, DL
Thus, people mainly from big cities want to know about it. It is understandable because in cities like Mumbai, Bangalore and New Delhi there are many people with disposable income.
To most Americans, iPhone may be a part of daily necessity but for most Indians, it is still a luxury. Perhaps the price is a very important factor. That is why people want to know that what the device would cost in India.
Apple website India does not have any specific information about this matter. Even it is not clear when iPhone 4G will come to this country.
Some Indian websites have stated that the price will be around Rs 35,000-36,000. However, they came to this conclusion based on the initial price of iPhone 3G in Indian market.
For the Indian consumers, the best thing to do at this moment is to contact Apple India, Bharti Airtel or Vodafone. 


  1. I got to know about iphone 4g from the news that the cost is only 199 dollars in US market. which will be around 9000- 12000 when coverted to indian rupees.
    It is quite amazing. and i am really looking forward for the phone.

    The news says that the phone will be launched around september or so.

    P.S. you should please give the features of the iphone here.

  2. 199 USD is not the full price of the device. It is when you buy it with a 2 year contract from AT&T for which you have to pay at least 60 USD per month.

  3. iPhone has always been the best. The latest entrant iPhone4 is the ultimate.

  4. how can we get unlocked iphone in usa

  5. Am an iPhone 3g user and am really proud of being an iPhone user.. expecting ths 4G soon in India no matter hw much it costs...

  6. @the dumb ass who thinks he can get the iphone fr 12k - dude....u cant get it fr that rate.....thats on contract....eventually ull end up paying so much cash.....the non contracted version is 599-699$.....convert that

  7. m an apple user since last 5 years and m really intrested to get iphone 4g .. n i just wanna knw its price .without any contract with AT&T

  8. is iphone 4g n usa i locked or unlocked

  9. can you use iphone 4g in india as it has a micro sim let me know