Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Argentina vs Greece 2010: Maradona Should Win Very Easily

The Argentina vs Greece match will take place later tonight. Diego Maradona is perhaps under no pressure about this match as his team has won both of their matches and almost guaranteed to advance in the second round.
In Group B, Argentina is at the top of the point table with 6 points from 2 matches. More than these 6 points, the important factor is that Maradona’s side has a goal difference of +4. So, if Greece wants to go the second round then they must defeat Argentina by at least 5 goals which is almost an impossible task.
Even if this impossible thing happens and Greece indeed wins by 5 goals even then in the other match, Korea has to win by 5 goals too against Nigeria and only then Argentina will be out. So, Maraona does not need to be concerned about the match against Greece.
That is why, he is going to rest some of the top players and Messi will be the captain for the match. This decision is a questionable one as many fans would think that it was Messi who needed rest for the match. However, Maradona does not agree with them.
Until now, Argentina team is in superb form in the World Cup 2010. So, Maradona deserves a lot of credit as the coach of the team. Tonight, they should win against Greece

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