Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Aruna Shields doing a controversial role in Mr. Singh Mrs. Mehta

Following the footsteps of actress Katrina Kaif, Aruna Shields is now trying to get a foothold in Bollywood. Already, the actress appeared in Prince, a hard hitting action movie.

She is going to another movie titled Mr. Singh Mrs. Mehta. It is a low cost movie directed by debutant director, Pravesh Bhardwaj. After being rejected by sixty actress, Pravesh finally landed with Aruna. Mr.Singh Mrs. Mehta will be released in June 25, 2010.

So, why Pravesh Bhardwaj had rejected sixty actresses? Well, the movie required to do some bold sequences and no one was ready to do the scenes. Aruna Shields agreed to do the sequence.

Mr. Bhardwaj said that the script of the movie demanded the scenes. In the movie, Aruna Shields played the role of a muse who would become an inspiration of nude art. In the movie, Aruna Shields played the role of a middle class woman named Neera. However, she poses nude for an artwork that would be displayed publicly. The movie shows how her middle class morality causes a mental turmoil but then she overcomes the problems and goes to a path of self discovery.

Earlier, Aruna appeared in a semi-adult movie titled Private Moments. Pravesh Bhardwaj said that Aruna Shields perfectly fits into the role of Neera. It was her expressions that helped her to get the role.

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