Monday, June 7, 2010

Brazil vs Tanzania Time and Live Score: Friendly Match 2010

Brazil is going to play their final World Cup friendly match against Tanzania today (7 June 2010) at the Benjamin Mkapa National Stadium, Dar-es-Salaam in Tanzania. It seems to be more of an exhibition match than a world cup preparation game, given Tanzania’s strength as a football team.


According to BBC, the match kicks off at 15:00 GMT. Considering BBC time, the match should start at 18:00 in Tanzania. However, shows the match would star at 17:00 local time (Tanzania). So, it is confusing.

If the match begins at 18:00 in Tanzania, then football fans in Brazil can watch the match from 12:00 (Brasilia time). However, if the match starts at 17:00 in Tanzania, then the match begins at 11:00 (Brasilia time) in Brazil.

Live Score

To get the live score of the match, visit the following address:

Tanzania is now ranked 108th in FIFA ranking, while five-time world champion Brazil is leading the FIFA ranking. This huge difference between the two teams in ranking is well reflective of the difference in their strength.

The match is significant, however, for both sides, though for different reasons. Brazil would like to use this match as an opportunity to sort their problems regarding team combination and formation before beginning the World Cup mission on 15 June against North Korea.

Another objective Brazil would like to accomplish through this match is increasing their brand value in this African country which has more than 42 million people. So, it is a big market for banding and Brazil would like to increase their fan base with this match. They recently played a friendly match in Zimbabwe which attracted many people in the country.

The match is highly profitable for Brazil Football Federation on financial ground as it is going to receive a big amount for Brazil playing in the country. Tanzania Football Federation has not revealed the amount they are going to pay Brazil, but it is believed Brazil would be paid an amount around $2.5 million, the same amount the Samba Boys received for the Zimbabwe match.

For Tanzania, it is a ‘once in a lifetime opportunity’ to increase the image of the country at international level. Tanzania football is also expected to get a huge exposure through this match. It could kick off a new beginning in Tanzania football. After seeing the star Brazilian players, young boys in Tanzania could start dreaming to become someone like Kaka. This would perhaps be the biggest achievement for Tanzania from this match.

Ahead of the match, no body is thinking about the winner as Brazil has been pre-occupied in people’s mind as the ultimate winner of the game. However, Dunga and his boys should not take the Tanzanians lightly, given that Tanzania players would be full of motivation to give more than 100 percent during the match knowing that an eye-catching performance against Brazil could bring a new turn in their career.

Dunga is a bit worried about the fitness level of the players. Kaka has returned to action recently after shaking off his injury, but the playmaker is yet to regain his full match fitness, while the players like Lucio and Maicon have returned from their lengthy club duties.

Julio Cesar, the first choice goalkeeper, was forced to be substituted by Gomes after 26 minutes during their 3-0 win over Zimbabwe. Cesar picked up a back injury in the match, and is almost certain to miss the Tanzania game. Dunga could rest Lucio and Maicon too, considering their exhausting season with Champions League winner Inter Milan.


  1. Poooh Brazil today! You will surely be beaten.

  2. C'mon tanzania! spring a surprise and keep the samba boys down to under 25 goals!
    btw thanks for the info.


  3. You're an Idiot! As if the this game could lead to those kids from TZ getting careers! Oh and Zim didnt pay 2.5 mil they payed 1.3 get your facts straight!
    It is a great game for African football but it will be a WALLOPING Zimbabwe is a WHOLE different class from TZ!

  4. U must be crazy mohamed, the samba boys should punished u by shooting on the ball into you mouth 25 times....astalavista baby....!!!!!!! Ole3...!!