Thursday, June 3, 2010

Cesc Fabregas, Arsenal and Barcelona: Who wants What?

In the Transfer Window 2010 of European football, the biggest attraction for the media is the fate of Cesc Fabregas who is a Spanish international player and as of today, officially, is also the Captain of Arsenal Club.
Barcelona wants him desperately and Fabregas wants also go back to his home town. Arsenal is not interested to let him go.  
Well, the situation is not as easy it sounds. There are a number of factors that should be discussed.
First of all, Fabregas is bound to stay at Arsenal until 2014 because of a contract he signed in 2006. Arsenal even revised his salary after that to keep him in the club at any cost. Coach Arsene Wenger has strict policy about wages of players and the club broke this policy for Fabregas. So, the wanted of the Gunners is very clear- keep the player at any cost. He is just 23 years old but he is the most important player for the London based club.
Arsenal bosses have two kinds of opinions. The first idea is very simple and clear- Fabregas is not for sale at any price. The second idea is perhaps very mute and at least not voiced publicly- if Barcelona wants Fabregas so desperately then they should think of spending £80 million. Some of the top Arsenal officials are perhaps annoyed with the very open nature of Barcelona’s bid to get the player.
Arsenal chairman Peter Hill-Wood said a few days ago to a newspaper, "It's a funny way of doing business. I don't know if he will stay. I've really got little to say but we very much hope he stays with us and we're confident he will."
For Barcelona, there are three reasons to go after Fabregas. First of all, almost everyone in this Spanish club and City think that Arsene Wenger played a bad trick to ‘steal’ the player from Barcelona in 2003. It should be mentioned here that Cesc was a product of Barcelona Academy and Wenger could convince him to join Arsenal because there were too many star players at Barcelona at that time. So, everyone at Barcelona have the feeling that it is time they get back someone of their own.
Secondly, it is time of President Election at Barcelona Football Club. Both the leading candidates have announced that they would bring Cesc Fabregas. Naturally, there is a lot of noise in Barcelona that it is just a matter of time that Fabregas comes and plays with Messi.
Thirdly, it is not a secret that Fabregas wants to come back to Barcelona. So, Barcelona bosses feel that it is the right time to cash in to this matter. They think that this desire of the player will work on their side and they would not need to spend more than £35 million.
What does Cesc Faregas wants? This is now perhaps a multi million dollar question. He surely wants to go to Barcelona and he is eager to go as soon as possible. However, he also knows that money is a very important factor. Barcelona bosses are stating that they want him back but they have not offered a price yet that would turn some heads at London.
The big news of today is that Barcelona has formally placed a bid for Cesc Fabregas yesterday and Arsenal has rejected the offer.
It is now clear that the drama over Fabregas will continue for the next few days as both the clubs look desperate to get him or keep him. 


  1. te amo cesc y sabes barcelona es para ti y firma mas pronto para

  2. Get bent ya Freak

    Fabregas is staying at Arsenal. We will buy Gourcuff AND Get Cole on a Free to play on the Wing. Wenger will then buy a CB and finnish it off with LlOris


  3. If barca wanted him soooo desperately why would they offer the same amount they are demanding for yaya toure? 30 Million? get serious. I have never seen players from other clubs discussing transfers in the manner that barca players have, the only party who has maintained integrity is guardiola. it is the highest level of arrogance