Friday, June 11, 2010

The Day of Wayne Rooney and Lionel Messi

Tomorrow (12 June 2010) is the second day of World Cup Football 2010. Three matches will take place and in two of the matches, Wayne Rooney (England) and Lionel Messi (Argentina) would play for their own national teams. So, for the football fans, it is indeed a double treat.
In the second match of the day, Argentina would face Nigeria and Messi would of course feature in the first eleven for his team. Coach Diego Maradona is optimistic that Messi can lead the team to world cup glory this time in the same way he himself did in 1986.
Diego Maradona said, "I would love to see that. I certainly would appreciate it if he could have the same impact on the World Cup that I had in 1986, the same leading role that I had then."
The main concern for the Argentine fans is that Messi is somewhat tired after a very good season with Barcelona in La Liga.
As for Wayne Rooney, the English fans are not worried about his physical fitness. He does not look tired. Instead the fans are worried over his too much energy that sometimes goes out of control. Fabio Capello has talked with the player about his short tempered mentality.
England will play against USA tomorrow and Rooney is sure to be in the first eleven.  
In the end, the fans are expecting that both Rooney and Messi would score goals in their respective matches. 

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