Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Bollywood Celebrities are gathering up in Sri Lanka for IIFA 2010

Despite all the controversies, organizers have decided to go ahead with the IIFA Awards 2010 ceremony. Bollywood celebrities are now gathering up in Sri Lanka.

The festival will take place in Colombo starting from June 3, 2010 to June 5, 2010.

Popular Sri Lankan beauty, Jacqueline Fernandez, will perform in the show. Other celebrities who would perform at the show are- Salman Khan, Lara Dutta, Riteish Deshmukh, Vivek Oberoi, Hrithik Roshan, Dino Morea, and Boman Irani.

Aside from various promotional events, there will be a friendly cricket match between Bollywood celebrities and the Sri Lanka Cricket team.

The Bachchans are going to be absent in the show. Shahrukh Khan was supposed to attend the show but later it has been revealed the he would not come. Arjun Rampal would not attend the show due to prior commitments.

The Tamil film industry is not happy with IIFA and Bollywood. The South Indian Film Chamber of Commerce (SIFCC) declared that they would boycott movie makers and actors who would perform at IIFA.

Three days ago, L Suresh along with C Kalyan and G Siva, President SIFCC and G Siva General Secretary, Film Employees Federation of South India came to Mumbai

and met with Manmohan Shetty, President of the Film and Television Producers Guild, Ramesh Sippy, Yash Chopra, Financer, J P Dutta and Ratan Jain, Wizcraft officials and other members who are on the advisory board of IIFA.

The representatives requested them not to hold the show in Sri Lanka but the organizers said that it was too late.

L Suresh, General Secretary, SFCC said that the decision has been taken keeping the local sentiments in mind. He said, “As per the decision, films featuring the personalities who participated in the IIFA will be not be screened in South India.”


  1. "There is an intrinsic difference between entertainers & artists. Artists endure the pain of the world, entertainers dance around it" - Musician K’naan Warsame. Amitabh is an artist and he feels the pain of all the millions of Tamils who suffered. Salman Khan and Vivek Oberoi are dancing on the beaches of Sri Lanka where 40,000 innocent Tamils were killed last year (Numbers from UN Spokesperson).

  2. none of kill innocent tamils.. only terrorist gt killed...

  3. kareeena best actrese

  4. Proud to be a Sri Lankan and to host the IIFA awards.

  5. This guy Vivek oberoi is a saala. He will talk all nonsense when he visits chennai and claim that he knows tamil and his Grand parents live in chennai... Pack those bastards back to Mumbai.

  6. Salman khan and all others performing in Srilanka which is a land of Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims and etc. It is not only about Tamils. even they are helping to innocent Tamil people who suffered from terrorism.... so SIFCC should not take this kind of cheap, poor decisions.. all performers are welcome to Srilanka.. land of lions

  7. Innocent human beings irrespective of race, cast or creed got killed due to the cruelty of the tiger terrorists. Thankfully its all over now so are we going to pick ourselves up, dust off and rebuild or dwell in the cruel past??
    An event like this is just whats needed in a country used to turmoil, pain, tears and bloodshed.
    Lets look to a brighter future at least for our children to live in peace!

  8. its correct, none of kill innocent tamils. but tigers kill innocent sinhala people in last 3 decades. no body talking about that. now we can see who are the real hero in hindi cinema.
    thanks all the actors and actresses who come to sri lanka.

  9. yes 3yr old babies and infants are terrorists for srilankan. Only who speaks sinhala are Humans

  10. Sri Lankans did not boycott of refuse any of the Indian-Tamils who vehemently supported the terrorists who murdered their own prime minister.These so called humanitarians were asleep when all the barbarians were murdering innocent sri lankan civilians.India... just wait n see ..the next liberation tigers will arise from tamil-nadu.

  11. LTTE is the people who killed tamils
    not srilankan sinhalees

  12. child soldiers are rehabilitated by Sri Lankan government and first time in their life, they can watch a TV and indian film festival they never have the privilage to. South Indians who never experienced war, wants innocent Tamils to die for a seperate land they Imagined. But civilians who experienced war want peace and wants to send their kids to school without fear. Sri Lanka try to stand up with their own feet, let all of peace loving humans help them, instead try to derail innocent tamils future.

  13. Hats off to all Indian artists visiting Colombo disregarding Tamil separatist diaspora threats, Now We all now know that there are some indian actors who have backbones to say no to terrarisom. To all still hold on to the tail of a tiger, your fear not going to end soon. They will spin around and bite you on the first avilable chance. Life is to live not to die of fear every minute.

  14. Feel sorry for India, once lost a part as Pakistan and Bangladesh. Now going to donate another part to Tamils.

  15. ala Sri Lanka- The Terror State
    1958: Hundreds of tamils were massacred by Sinhala racists.
    1972: Over 20,000 Sinhala youths were massacred by Sinhala military.
    1977: Hundreds of tamils were butchered again.
    1983: Thousands of tamils were massacred and chased away from their homes.
    1989: Over 40,000 Sinhala youths were massacred by Sinhala Military.
    2009: Over 150,000 tamils were massacred and 300,000 were chased away from their homes by the Sinhala Military.

    The above are wholesale terror by Sri Lanka state. All these crimes are committed by Power hungry politicians in the Government. In Sri Lankan history, none of the Sinhala leaders who ruled (political or military) took responsibility for these crimes. The pattern of the crimes clearly shows that the cycle of violence cannot be stopped in Sri Lanka because of its Racist fundamentalism. The crimes and the bloodshed done in this (once a beautiful and friendly) nation by Racists Power hungry politicians is not comparable with any war crimes in the world

  16. It is time to unite and cultivate relations with neighbours and also within. If the LTTE diaspora wish kill all the time and live separately, we welcome them. Should they like to start terrorism again, we are most happy to wipe them out again.

  17. what stupidity is this,only uneducateds biased low class people fight on these stupid issues,come on broden your minds and live in peace and harmony.dont talk about sinhalese and tamils.all are human beings.proud to say im a srilankan and have the IIFA in srilanka.

  18. hats of to those who comment against know the truth...come down to Sri Lanka people...afterall " Seeing is Believing "

  19. All these people who talk against IIFA awards in SriLanka doing this not because they are saddened by the so called massacre of Tamils in SriLanka but because their desire to have a separate country for Tamil ethnicity.
    That's what they tried in SriLanka and disappointed.With a rage of disappointment they will oppose whatever attempt SriLankan government taken to rebuild and better the country and it's image.That's what all these Tamil diaspora about.It's not that they want to help fellow Tamils of north in SriLanka to better their future or brighten their lives.... but to keep the misery of them longer so that they have SOMETHING TO POINT OUT and COMPLAIN about racial prejudice in SriLanka.
    This is NOT about the Tamil CIVILIANS who got killed in the war but defeat of LTTE terrorists who SYMBOLIZED the HOPE for SEPARATE COUNTRY......
    That's why they aren't do much to help those people in war affected areas and give excuses not to help those civilians who were affected by war and oppose fund raising events like IIFA cricket matches that'll help to raise money for those people's benefits.......
    Definitely there should have killed innocent civilians in the war which is very tragic and that's the tragic reality of wars and that's massively helped by LTTE who use civilians as a human shield to their own protection which is seen in satellite pictures and who fired fleeing civilians..............................
    Has this diaspora ever even think of criticizing it? not likely,but what they did is made Prabakaran their ultimate hero who is responsible of killing almost all the Tamil leaders and rising one's in Srilanka.
    Do you people believe you could have achieve freedom out of dictatorship????? and if you still asking for separate country in Srilankan norths,Isn't it based on utter racism and that will lead to the continues blood bath to come like the countries follow the same path before.

    There is one thing we should hold dear to our hearts.That is whatever race or nationality or religion we are belongs to WE ARE ALL MEMBERS OF THE HUMAN FAMILY AND OTHER THINGS COME SECOND TO THAT AND WHEN EVER WE FOCUS ON MINERS AND DROOL OVER THEM THERE WIIL BE MORE CONFLICTS AND BLOOD BATH TO COME..............

  20. I thibk it was soooo STUPID that Bollywood actors/acteresses went. So I hope that the SIFCC will boycott their films.


  21. iTS sad that South Indian Chamber decided to screw their own country people ... they always pushed thier country back with these kind of stupid things ..Tamil nadu is one of currupted provisions regurding to Analysing social status and now threaten thier stars in the name of thier freedom !!! thts wat ltte terrorists did to sri lanka !

  22. thanx for making me feel so special everyone around the world. i am half way home now...but promise to keep u all happy for the next half.Despite all the controversies, organizers have decided to go ahead with Bollywood Celebrities are gathering up in Sri Lanka for IIFA 2010.