Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Nokia smartphones will have Near Field Communication Technology in 2011

Finnish Mobile giant, Nokia, announced that its new batch of smartphones would come up with a new technology called Near Field Communication (NFC). Nokia said that smartphones that would be launched next year will feature this new technology.

In concept, NFC is very much similar to Bluetooth but the main difference between the two is that to enable NFC, one would not have to install any software or hardware or configure his phone.

Nokia’s new smartphones would have smartcards and these phones would be able to receive and display data from any other device fitted with an NFC transmitter. The phone would receive data in any form.

NFC transmitters installed in supermarkets will provide the buyer necessary information about the product he/she is looking for. Installed in a commercial area, the system would easily help people find out the office they have been looking for. In a tourist spot, tourists will be provided necessary information about the tourist spot such as local transport details, schedules etc.

NFC is short range technology, in order to initiate data exchange, the phone has to be placed not less than four inches. The connection will be established within one tenth of a second.

All the user has to do is to place his phone near the device and data transfer would start automatically. The whole process would take a very short time.

Nokia is planning to introduce this technology in its 6216 Classic handset. Earlier, Nokia was planning to launch the handset in 2010 but then it cancelled the launch date of the phone.

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