Sunday, June 27, 2010

Police confirmed that Kamasutra model Viveka Babajee committed suicide

Police finally received the post-mortem report of model Viveka Babajee and said that her death was a suicide. The 37 year old beauty queen and successful model was found hanging from the ceiling fan in her Continental Building apartment in Bandra on June 25, 2010.

Close friends of Babajee said that the model was depressed for a long time and drank a lot. Her business failed and her relationship with her boyfriend, Gautam Vora hit the rocks. All these made her very upset.

It is believed that on the night of her suicide, she had a big fight with Gautam. From Viveka’s apartment, police confiscated her laptop, cell-phone, diary, a few letters written to her boyfriend Gautam Vora, and a bag with medicine including sleeping pills. It is reported that “I Kill” was written on the last page of her diary.

After the news nobody could say anything about Gautam Vora and police is also looking to question him about Viveka’s death.

From her cell-phone, police also found out that she talked with two people before her death. One was her mother in Mauritius and the other was Gautum. She told her mother, “I am going far away.” Before her death, she all the glasses in her house.

Viveka Babajee’s former boyfriend, Kartik Jobanputra said, “She was never depressed when she was with me. She was supportive, understanding and always eager to find out what others are feeling. She was always concerned about the fact that her actions shouldn’t hurt anybody. I am still in a state of shock and it still feels that she is somewhere around.”

Viveka and Kartik started their event management but it did not do so well. Viveka and Kartik broke up in December 2009.

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