Saturday, June 26, 2010

Swami Nithyananda appealed to the court to relax bail conditions

Two weeks have passed since Nithyananda, the notorious Godman of Tamil Nadu, got out on bail. Now, he is demanding to relax his bail conditions.

The legal counsel of Nithyananda appealed to the court on the ground that the bail conditions are causing “hardship and inconveniences” to his devotees.

The Karnataka High Court granted bail to the Swami on conditions that he would not preach but teach yoga. In addition, he would have to report to his local police station after every 15 days.

However, Nithyananda is saying that the conditions are causing hindrance to the daily activities of his ashram. He also asked the court to make necessary arrangements for police come to his ashram instead of appearing at the police station.

Regarding the video footage, Nithyananda said, "Spiritually nothing changes, because the truth is always the same. But socially I can say many things have changed. I used to be the one of the most watched guru on youtube - now I am one of the most watched scandal on youtube!"

In his defense the godman also said that so far more than 2.3 million female attended his programmes and there are female devotees staying in his ashram aged between eight and 80 more than 300 female devotees visit his ashram every day for darshan and blessing.

Despite being accused of sexual exploitation, CBI could not produce any strong evidence against him in front of the court. Hence, they stopped the investigation.


  1. You say: "CBI could not produce any strong evidence . . . ".

    The fact of the matter is that there is absolutely no victim, no complaint and NO EVIDENCE in this case.

    What a banana republic this country has now become!!

  2. I'd put it differently: not one victim has ultimately come, not one person has ultimately offered any evidence.
    The outcome is the same, though.

  3. the cd's are original .he still denies and acts as if nothing has happened. he cleverly puts this way .. my devotess are hurt by this.. he is a cunning swami..

  4. He is not a swami....He is a sly dog, who continues to expose himself with lies and stupid acts despite which, there are fools who believe in him. Now after coming out of jail, Bhakta and Sachithananda is nowhere to be seen. It is believed that they and their family have walked away from this sly dog. What an inner awakening after all for this two goons. Having said that, now from nowhere appears another goon...Sathananda@Ayya-Kuyya and has the cheek to talk in protest/protection for his head goon; in the recent Nadanthathu Enna.
    These fellas will make good politicians. They and their group are a bunch of hypocrites in the disguise of Spiritual Sheeps.

  5. He is not only cunning but, he has no compassion for his devotees whatsoever. To clarify this just see what has happened to Ranjitha his school-time sweetheart, who "was, is and will be" devotee, including her family. He is out and continues to bull-shit his followers while she on the other hand is in the hiding under total shame and disgrace; can't face family or friends.
    What kind of justice is this, she has lost all but, he on the other hand continues to enjoy freedom with the odacity to ask the judicial system to relax their conditions on him.
    I hope the law protectors have the fore-sight to shut him up once and for all.