Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Windows 8 is coming your way in 2012 reveals confidential Microsoft slides

Bloggers uncovered confidential Microsoft slides that are believed to discuss about various aspects of Windows 8. Microsoft unveiled Windows 7 at the CES 2009. It was then released in July 2009. It is believed that the Windows 8 would become available somewhere in 2012.

The slides are claimed to be “internal Microsoft slides.” Information Week reported that the slides first appeared on Windowsette, an Italian blog. The slides were labeled-“Microsoft Confidential” “Under DNA.” Each slide contains a footnote that says, “Windows 8 Discussion, This Is Not A Plan of Record.” However, Microsoft did not confirm authenticity of the slides.

If the contains of the slides are authentic then it shows that Microsoft is focusing on portability in its upcoming version of Windows. It is also trying to make Windows 8 more intuitive. The slides talk about a situation where the user can play games using wireless tablet PC. If necessary the user could pause the game and attend to other works. The screen of the tablet PC would change according to the user’s needs.

The slides also revealed that Windows 8 would support motion-sensing accelerometers, ambient light sensors, GPS units, wireless networking, and cameras. Like Apple’s App Store, Microsoft has plans to start its own Windows App Store.

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