Saturday, July 3, 2010

Argentina vs Germany Match Ends in Disaster for Maradona and Messi

Argentina vs Germany match just finished and the final score was Germany 4-0. With this impressive win, the European team advanced into the semifinal. After the exit of Brazil yesterday, South America lost another giant today.
Germany scored one goal first half and got another 3 in the second half. The first goal came in the 3rd minute through Thomas Mueller. It was a superb that came from a header. In the first half, both the teams attacked and Germany had the upper hand. Both the teams missed some easy opportunities. The main difference appeared in the defense of the two teams.
At the first part of the second half, Argentina dominated and created some good opportunities. However, Tevz missed some and Messi was unimpressive. Or in other hand, German defense was very strong and upto the mark in marking Messi.
In the 68th minute, Miroslav Klose scored the goal and then Arne Friedrich scored the third goal in the 74th minute. In the 89th minute, Klose wrapped up things for Germany with the fourth goal.
Germany will play against the winner of Spain vs Paraguay match that will take place after 2 and half hours. Spain is a hot favorite for that match.
In the second round, Germany defeated England 4-2. They are the highest scorers in this World Cup so far. So, now, it seems that Germany is the hot favorite to win World Cup Football 2010.
This is a sad day for millions of Argentine supporters living around the globe. They expected that Messi and Maradona combination would produce something outstanding. Maradona felt devastated after the loss while Messi could not score any goal in this World Cup.
Most probably, it is the end for Diego Maradona as the coach of national football team of Argentina. For Messi, the next mission to win the Copa America Trophy in 2011. 

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