Saturday, July 17, 2010

Arsene Wenger: Arsenal has shown love and care for Cesc Fabregas

Arsenal coach Arsene Wenger has strongly stated that Arsenal is not interested to sell Cesc Fabregas and the story about his possible transfer to Barcelona should stop now. Arsenals fans used the opportunity to display banner against Barcelona in the match against Barnet earlier today. The Gunners won the match 4-0 despite playing without Fabregas, Van Persie and some of the other big names.
Yesterday, Barcelona President Rosell more or less accepted that Fabregas would not join the Spanish side this summer. He particularly said that Barcelona would not spend €60m or €70m for him. This practically ended the speculation about Fabregas future as even if Arsenal decides to sell him then they would only agree to a transfer fee of something like €60m or €70m.
So, it was the day of Wenger and he reacted very strongly and sharply. Arsene Wenger said, "Now the story has to stop. Cesc is our captain, he is so important to us. We want to keep him."
Wenger also said, "It is very important we give the impression that just because somebody wants a player from us, we do not just give in.
We have shown our love and care for Cesc since the start. I believe Cesc loves the club, has shown his attachment to the club many times and I am very confident the story will end there."

Thus, the Arsenal coach also reminded Fabregas that it was because of Arsenal, Fabregas has become a world class player. More than everything, the Spanish midfielder is under contract and he should respect is contract as Arsenal has loved and cared for the player- this was the main message from Wenger. 

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