Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Asus VG236H: Now enjoy HD and 3D support in one monitor

Asus recently introduced its Asus VG236H monitor in India that supports full HD video and 3D visuals. The monitor would cost Rs.41,000.

Though an expensive product but the VG236H would give users their money’s worth. The monitor comes with a host of features that further enhance users’ gaming and entertainment experience.

The Asus VG236H has an ergonomic design. You can swivel the monitor 150-degrees and adjust its height to 100mm. You can also adjust the tilt-angle to ensure better viewing. It consumes 60 watts of power.

The Asus VG236H sports a 23" (58.4cm) wide screen panel and with a resolution of 1920x1080. It has a pixel pitch of 0.265mm, 16.7M display color and 2ms response time. The monitor has a contrast ratio of 100000 :1. The screen also illuminates the dark to provide better visuals.

The Asus VG236H has embedded HDMI and YPbPr inputs which enable the monitor to support a wide range multimedia formats including Blu-ray disc players and gaming consoles.

The monitor has a top refresh rate of 120Hz/ second which is twice faster than regular LCD monitors providing high quality 3D visuals.

The VG236H features Color Shine technology which improves image clarity, color density and saturation. It also incorporates Video Intelligence technology to increase its video performance and image fidelity. Users can chose from five preset video modes via hotkey including- Scenery, Theater, Game, Night View, and Standard.

The Asus VG 236H accessories include- NVIDIA 3D vision kit, 3D Vision-ready display, Compatible NVIDIA graphics card, and PC with Microsoft Vista /Windows 7.

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