Thursday, July 15, 2010

Axis bank netbanking or iConnect: Now enjoy banking on Internet

In this age of Internet, people like to do everything online because it is very easy and saves valuable time and energy. Hence, Internet banking has become a major growth sector for the banks all over the world. You need your bank statement and do not have the time to go to the bank or need to pay your utility bills and there is a long cue in front of the electric office. With Internet banking, you can easily fulfill these needs.

In India, Internet banking has already become very popular. Almost all private and public banks are now offering various banking services online. With Axis Banks iConnect or Internet banking service, you can get numerous banking services. You can check your bank account status, submit queries online, carry out instant transactions from your bank accounts and many more.

Axis bank online services include- checking balances of savings account, current or corporate accounts, term deposits and loan accounts, online transactions, ministatement of past six transactions, access to personal account information, cheque book requests, direct credits and debits to users’ accounts, status check of of the instruction, payment gateway for online utility and other bill payments.

And all these services are offered in exchange of nominal charges. Transactions up to Rs. 100,000 would cost your Rs. 20 and above Rs.100,000 would cost Rs. 20 per 1000. Any transaction above Rs.1 million would carry a charge of Rs.1/50 per 1000.

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