Saturday, July 10, 2010

Bobbi Eden: How to Earn Money and Fame from World Cup Football?

Bobbi Eden is not exactly the person that reminds you of World Cup Football. However, this porn actress has been able to cash in very well from the FIFA 2010 in her own way. She has offered to provide some physical pleasure to her followers in Twitter if Holland becomes the champion of World Cup Football 2010.
This offer has attracted many men and the number of her followers in Twitter is increasing round the clock every day. At this moment, Bobbi Eden has 104,570 followers in her Twitter account. Thus, out of no where, she has become a Twitter super star.
Paraguayan model Larissa Riquelme also could cash in but she did not offer any kind of sexual favor to her fans.
For both Bobbi Eden and Larissa Riquelme, World Cup 2010 has become a good opportunity to cash in and they have been getting extensive coverage from many websites and blogs around the world.  
It is not clear how Bobbi Eden plans to keep her promise if Netherlands indeed wins against Spain tomorrow. After all, she will have to deal with 100,000 people.  
Anyway, this is surely a publicity stunt and a successful marketing tool for Bobbi Eden. 

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