Friday, July 9, 2010

Can Manchester City Survive in English Premier League?

Since the Arab takeover of Manchester City, the Premier League club has turned into a big spender in the transfer market. Last Summer, City spent more than £120 million in their bid to make a serious bid for the league title and a Champions League spot.
Though they could not win any title last season and also failed to win a place in the Champions League, City is following the same big-spending approach this summer too.
They have already spent a little over £60 million this summer by signing Yaya Toure, David Silva and Jerome Boateng. It seems they would make two or three more big money deals this summer and their total spending in summer 2010 could be anywhere between £120 million and £150 million.
City manager Roberto Mancini is currently tracking three highly rated strikers: Zlatan Ibrahimovic of Barcelona, Inter Milan’s Mario Balotelli and Wolfsburg forward Edin Dzeko.
City signed three strikers Roque Santa Cruz, Carlos Tévez and Emmanuel Adebayor last summer spending £67.5 million, half of their last summer spending. Still, former Inter Milan manager Mancini believes that he needs one more striker this summer. Today, reports out in the media also suggest that Mancini is planning a £20 million move for Chelsea striker Didier Drogba.
Manchester City is also heavily linked with Aston Villa midfielder James Milner and Lazio’s Serbian defender Alexander Kolarov. In fact, there are many clubs who used City’s big spending nature just to increase the market price of their players.
The way City is bringing in star players, it is pretty much understandable that next season they could become a force to reckon with and would be one of the strongest contenders for the Premier League title.
Now, the question is for how long City would find money coming in a flurry through the Arab channel. What would happen when its Arab owners would back out from their pursuit of making City the best club in Europe? Will City be able to deal with the debts left by the Arabs? Most importantly, will Manchester City be able to survive in the English Premier League?
Manchester City officials may not even bother about these questions now. However, the history shows that any kind of unnatural spending ends up in disaster. Leeds United is one of the best examples of it.
Since the inception of the Premier League in 1992-93 season, Leeds United was one of the regular faces in the top league of English football until their relegation in 2003-04 season. During 1998 to 2002, Leeds United always finished in the top five in Premier League. In fact, the West Yorkshire club even clinched a Champion League spot in 1999-2000 season, mainly because of their heavy spending, but the club was relegated to the second division just 4 years later.
Leeds United could not yet retain their spot in the Premier League and is currently in the League One, the third division of English football. Portsmouth also suffered relegation last season due to their huge financial crisis, even though they finished in the top half of the table in two consecutive years in 2007 and 2008.
Liverpool and Manchester Untied are also suffering for financial problem due to their heavy spending over the last few seasons. Overall, the future of Manchester City now looks bleak. The most important thing is that Manchester City is following a bizarre approach of spending in the market.
There are clubs like Real Madrid who are also spending big, but it seems City just does not know what they need and what they don’t, and how to spend money effectively. For example, they spent half of their transfer budget last season on signing three strikers, but still they are going for star striker Ibrahimovic.
Overall, it seems Manchester City could suffer from their unnatural spending spree sooner or later.


  1. Obviously you havent the slightest idea whats going on at Manchester City,

    For one we have no debts, and if the owners up and leave they have to sell us for our market value!,

    Also we may have spent big on strikers but 1 was a flop (santa) and we only bought him because hughes forced through the sale (so he needs replacing)

    And another thing is City are pumping 1 billion UK pounds into East Manchester we are building alsorts of things from 5* Hotels to shops and restaurants We are even extending 1 side of the ground to up capacity to 60k (we can extend the otherside too making it 80k) so while manure and liverpoo and struggling we will be earning 100s of millions each year just form our retail and sponsors!

  2. froza city !! foreva

  3. arab owners r here to stay

  4. umm david villa signed for barca not man city you idiot. dont write articles if you dont know what your on about idiot

  5. what an awful article, it's obviously different to Leeds United, most notably due to the fact that their debts weren't written off. Very few people would think Man City's future is bleak, quite the opposite.

  6. To This Idiot: Anonymous said...

    umm david villa signed for barca not man city you idiot. dont write articles if you dont know what your on about idiot
    July 10, 2010 12:52 AM

    HAHAHAHAHA You are the idiot my friend. He clearly said David Silva, and Yes David silva signed for Man City.

  7. personally I’m still not sure if City will have what it takes to go and win the english premier league. Bouncing up to those heights straight from last season not winning anything is a big big ask. City have a good manager in Mark Hughes, but with the stature they are at now, it does not make sense for them to keep him. The key to a team winning trophies is not based on how much money you have, it is based on something a lot more important than that, the backroom staff. It took Chelsea a long time with all their money to become a success, but when signings were not enough, they changed the backroom staff and rose to success.well its better to go for some English Premier League tips.