Thursday, July 1, 2010

Cesc Fabregas is Proud of Arsenal Captaincy and Forgetful of Barcelona DNA

All of a sudden, everything has changed about Arsenal captain Cesc Fabregas. He has stated publicly that he may stay at London after all. Even Barcelona camp has suddenly become silent about getting back their DNA this season.
Right now, Fabregas is at World Cup. He could only play in the 2 of the 4 matches Spain played. Even in those 2 matches, he came into the field as a substitute player. In other hand, he was not selected in the first eleven in any of the 4 matches that Spain has played.
Mainly Barcelona players captured his position at midfield. So, it is not clear whether Fabregas would be able to play in the first eleven regularly after transferring at Barcelona.  
Fabrgeas said to Sky Sports, "I haven't said that I will definitely leave Arsenal. Everything is possible. Now I have my head and my focus on the World Cup. I am very proud to be captain of Arsenal and I love the club and have respect for them. It gave me such pride to be made captain."
It is not clear that what caused sudden change of heart in Fabregas. However, it is perhaps clear what changed the heart of Barcelona camp including their newly elected president Sandro Rosell about their missing DNA.
Arsenal coach Arsene Wenger publicly stated that he would not wish to sell Fabregas at any price. Arsenal high officials perhaps indirectly and silently indicated for a price tag of £80 or something like that. Surely, Barcelona bosses were not eager to pay even half of that amount.
Seeing this, Fabregas perhaps realized that showing excessive eagerness to move to Barca would only alienate everyone at Arsenal even further. So, he acted wisely and has kept his options open at London.   


  1. Having Barca DNA doesn't give Barcelona FC any right to own Cesc? ... Arsenal made him the player he is today, ... Arsenal made him captain, ... infact Fabregas owes so much to this club, ... if he has any intellectual and moral sense, he would not leave Arsenal, and for what haan!? ... warming their benches like Hleb did, ...

  2. Faysl
    intellectual and moral sense? he has given 7 years to arsenal without any trophies. of course we all hope he stays but don't deny he has earned the right for the Barca move if he really wants it. however their idea of how much hes worth in the current market means an agreement between the clubs seems very unlikely this season (he'll probley sign tomorrow after I said that)