Saturday, July 17, 2010

Delhi Traffic police starts SMS service to provide latest traffic updates

After getting huge success with Facebook and Twitter, the traffic police of Delhi started a new service where commuters can get latest traffic updates on their cell phones via SMS. The new service will also provide information about various routes.

The service started on July 16, 2010. One will have to subscribe to the service first and then every time before getting out of the house check out their message inbox and then decide which route they would take on your way to office.

Ajay Chadha, Special Commissioner of police said, "All a person needs to do is SMS "Join DTP'' to 09219592195 to subscribe to the service. The alerts will be sent automatically as SMSes. To unsubscribe, commuters can SMS "Leave DTP'' to the same number and the alerts will stop.''

Police will provide traffic information to the subscribers on a daily basis. Now days, every driver in India carries cell-phone and they can easily subscribe to the service. For police, the system will reduce traffic jams.

In June 2010, the Delhi Traffic police started their Facebook page which became immensely popular. Within two weeks, the page had more than 5000 dedicated fans. They regularly submit various queries and suggestions and complaints to the police.

Many people submit photos and videos of people violating the traffic law. The offenders are then prosecuted by the police. The good thing about the Facebook page is that police respond to the queries and complaints submitted by people on a real time basis.

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  1. how to stop getting traffic updates via sms?