Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Google is looking forward to popularize Android in China and India

Google is now looking forward to expand its Android market. The company is going to introduce Android in Indian and China. It would introduce various programs to enable developers of India and China to make money by developing applications for Android.

Google Vice President for Engineering, Andy Rubin said that his company is looking forward to offer tools that would help programmers sell subscriptions, virtual goods and other items through mobile phone applications.

In addition, Google will put Android in low priced mobile handsets of LG and Huawei that are sold in Europe and Asia. Nokia current holds the top position in low price phone market in the region.

Another reason why Google is trying to get its software on many mobile phones as much as possible is advertising which is the main source of earning for the company. According to Gartner research firm, the global mobile advertisement market was less than $1 billion in size in 2009 but it would grow to $13.5 billion within 2013 and Google wants to make sure that it gets a piece of action.

Currently, Apple is in the leading position in the mobile phone applications market. The Apple App Store is the leading mobile applications store in the world with a collection of over 200,000 applications. Though Android app store is growing at a steady space it has 65,000 applications.

Gartner Research firm also predicted that Android would surpass Apple’s iOS with 2012 and would become world’s second most popular mobile OS after Nokia’s Symbian.

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