Monday, July 12, 2010

In Khatta Meetha Trisha Krishnan’s voice had to be dubbed for her poor Hindi accent

Trisha Krishnan is a well established actress in South Indian cinema but she is very much new to Bollywood. Her first Hindi movie, Khatta Meetha is coming in theatres on July 23, 2010. In the movie, Trisha Krishnan plays the role of an honest municipal commissioner, Gehna Gupta.

Trisha Krishnan started her career with Priyadarshan’s movie Lesa Lesa in 2003. This is her second movie with Priyadarshan. She said, “Yes I was launched by Priyadarshan seven and half years ago. I am glad that he remembered me when he was doing this film. My debut venture is with Akshay Kumar, what more could I ask for. Moreover, it is Akshay’s home production”,

Khatta Meetha is a political satire revealing the rampant corruption in the Indian bureaucratic system. This is Trisha’s second comedy movie. Earlier, she did a comedy movie in Telugu language. She said, “Yes, I’ve done comedy in Telugu films but not attempted in Tamil cinema. In Khatta Meeta too my character does not have a comic track, it’s more serious. All the comedy is handled by Akshay Kumar. I can’t reveal much about the film at this point but it’s the story of a collector and a road contractor”,

Though Trisha Krishnan can read and write Hindi language, her speaking skill is not that good hence her voice had to be dubbed.

Trisha spoke highly of her co-star Akshay Kumar. Trisha liked Akshay Kumar’s punctuality and sense of discipline. Akshay Kumar would come to the set at 6:30 sharp for a 7 am shot. Trisha liked Akshay Kumar’s dedication, hardworking nature. Being with Akshay was very much fun as the actor always keeps the atmosphere lively with his jokes and pranks.

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