Sunday, July 25, 2010

India has 635.51 million Mobile Phone Subscribers at the End of June 2010

Indian mobile phone operators saw a healthy growth in June 2010 as they could get 17.9 million new subscribers in the month. It was a good month for Bharti Airtel as the company added 3 million subscribers in a single month. In May 2010, the mobile phone operators in India could add 16.3 million.
Compared to May, in June there was nearly 10% more new users. There is still some room for growth. Secondly, some people buy more than one connections. India is still behind China in terms of user base.
The main room for growth in India is in the rural areas. In rural areas, millions of people still do not have a mobile phone as they are too poor to get one. The mobile phone operators are trying address this market segment.
It was a good month for Reliance Communications and Vodafone Essar too as the two companies could add 2.8 million and 2.7 million new users respectively. In terms of total users, Airtel has 136.6 million, Reliance Communications has 110.8 million and Vodafone Essar with 109 million.
The mobile phone market in India will continue to grow for another few months and after that the companies may have to fight for givng more value added services.  

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