Thursday, July 8, 2010

Is Barcelona Heading for a Financial Crisis?

The new president at Barcelona football club, Sandro Rosell, took charge a few days ago. Until now, most of the media report about the club has been dealing with Barcelona’s interest to get back their DNA, Cesc Fabregas, from Arsenal. However, all of a sudden, it seems there are some reports that the club is missing the financial trouble. It is not clear whether the financial troubles are big and it can cause a serious crisis for the club in the near future.
It has been reported that recently, Barcelona were forced to get a loan from a bank of £124 million and sell Shakhtar Donetsk to ease the cash crisis. This loan and sale of the player were done to pay the salary of the players. This news was some odd because in the transfer market of this summer, Barcelona is one of the top active names. They are after many top players and they are particularly interested to buy Arsenal captain, Cesc Fabregas, and Javier Mascherano of Liverpool.
At this moment, it seems that it will be difficult for Barcelona to get any of these two players because Arsenal is not interested to sell Fabregas for the price of just £30 million, the amount Barcelona is willing to spend for Fabregas. On the other hand, Liverpool is also seeking a lot of money for Mascherano.
In English Premier League, in the last few years, both Liverpool and Manchester United have been suffering from financial problems. The reason is very simple. Clubs like Manchester United or Liverpool spend a lot of money on big players and then the players cannot deliver the result and as a result, the clubs cannot earn money.
In 2008-09 season, Barcelona was in unstoppable form and won almost all the trophies that it took part. On the other hand, things were not that good last season as Barcelona failed to reach even to the final of Champions League 2009-10.
It is time that Barcelona officials become serious and careful about their spending habits. Just getting some top players like Fabregas or Javier Mascherano is not enough. They have to pay the players high amount of money as salary and they have to ensure success in both Spain and Europe so that sponsorship and TV money come on a regular basis.
If the new president of Barcelona does not change some strategy regarding to spending then very soon, Barcelona will perhaps suffer the same financial problems like Manchester United.
Sandro Rosell has ruled out any financial crisis but things do not look very rosy for the club’s treasure either. 

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