Friday, July 9, 2010

Is Lindsay Lohan heading for a Major Disaster?

Lindsay Lohan has surely become successful in making a mess out of her own life at a young age of 24. She would most probably end up into prison and she might have to be there for a few weeks. She most probably would appeal and may need not to go to prison after all. Whatever happens, it seems that Lindsay Lohan is heading for a personal disaster.
Just a week earlier, it was her 24th birthday and in the same week, apart from celebrating the birthday, she has also been handed down a jail sentence and it has made her scared and unhappy.
Her father and mother are busy figuring out who is doing more for Lindsay rather than helping her enough. It is clear that she does not have that many good friends who can provide her mental support. Her lawyer had decided that it was enough and she decided to quit.
Lindsay Lohan cannot blame others for her misfortune. She is indeed a young successful but spoilt celebrity. She has got addicted to drug and she is addicted to parties. She is also addicted to getting constant media attention and coverage. In short, Lindsay has become abnormal.
Just because she is a celebrity, the newspapers, TV channels and gossip blogs and websites are constantly after her. It is like a win-win situation for both the parties. The media is getting their headlines from Lohan and Lohan is getting her coverage from the media. Of course, both the parties are earning decent money from the whole drama.
There is a third party- the public or the consumers. They are dying to know whether Lindsay Lohan is going to prison. They are dying to know what kind of tattoo is in her fingernail and what is written there. So, if the media and Lindsay Lohan are acting abnormally then the consumers are no way less abnormal.
Excess of anything is bad and perhaps it is time to get a grip on the situation. Lindsay Lohan is becoming abnormal and she can suffer any kind of disaster because of the bad way things are moving.
What she needs at this moment is some privacy and some support from family, friends and colleagues. Perhaps, Lindsay Lohan should go to a trip and avoid the media for a few days or weeks. 

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