Monday, July 12, 2010

Lamhaa: Kunal Kapoor talked with former militants to prepare for his character

Kunal Kapoor has been in Bollywood for quite some time but unlike other actors, he did not end up doing typical Bollywood commercial movies rather off beat cinemas that deal with more serious subjects and he has established himself quite as an actor in that niche.

In Lamhaa, Kunal Kapoor’s played Aatif, a former militant who fought for Azad Kashmir and turned to politics.

The release day of Lamhaa is closing in and things are getting tensed. Lamhaa is a political thriller that revolves around the politics of Kashmir. From a long time, Kashmir has been a sensitive subject for India. With the latest political unrest, things took an ugly turn.

The Kashmir government cancelled the premier of the movie Lamhaa which upset the crew. Now, the movie’s premier would be held in Mumbai.

Regarding the cancellation, Kunal Kapoor said, “We would love to premiere Lamhaa in Kashmir when the situation settles down,T……The film is about Kashmir. It’s disappointing that the premiere there got cancelled.”

To prepare for his character, Kunal Kapoor read about youth politics in Kashmir and met some former militants. About the meeting he said that when one would meet with such people he/she would stop taking his freedom for granted. He said that the problem of Kashmir is very much complex than it seems. For “Aatif” freedom is not just gaining independence but freedom of speech, freedom from security and repression.

Kunal Kapoor is very much impressed with Rahul Dholakia. He liked him because Rahul is not afraid to express his view. The army gave the crew a list of places where they should avoid shooting at and the crew shot guerilla style in those places. There were tensed moments but it was well worth it.

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