Saturday, July 3, 2010

Leonardo Di Caprio is donning the role of dream thief in Inception

Leonardo DiCaprio gets in touch with his fatherly side in his upcoming movie, Inception.

His character, Cobb, in the movie, is a loving father. In an interview with “The Insider Correspondent, Chris Jacobs, Leonard said, "I think that's something that is instinctively innate in all of us,……Caring for children and the love that a father would have for their own kids is something you can automatically understand."

Inception is a sci-fi action thriller movie. Dom Cobb is a brilliant thief but he is not a regular thief who steals money and other valuables. He has the ability to get into people’s mind and get to know their deepest secrets when people are dreaming. At that time, their subconscious remains the most vulnerable.

Because of his ability, he is a top player in the world of corporate espionage but it also made him an international fugitive and destroyed everything he ever loved.

Now Cobb and his team has to do one last job and if they could do it successfully their life would be given back to them but this time the job is more dangerous. Instead of extracting secrets, they would have to plant an idea inside someone but the enemy knows their every single move.

Inception is directed by Christopher Nolan of The Dark Knight and the hit psychological thriller, Memento. The movie will be released in theatres on July 16, 2010 in both conventional and IMAX theatres.

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