Saturday, July 10, 2010

Lionel Messi and Golden Ball: Does he Deserve it in FIFA 2010?

The short list of 10 players for the Golden Ball nominations has been announced and Lionel Messi’s name is there despite the fact that Argentina could not move beyond quarterfinal of the World Cup Football 2010. Was his performance really so incredible? Does he deserve to win the Golden Ball?
It is not shocking to find that Spain has 3 players in the list: Andres Iniesta, David Villa and Xavi whie Holland has two- Wesley Sneijder and Arjen Robben. Germany has 2, Uruguay has 1 and Ghana has 1. From Argentina, it was only Messi in this short list.
Lionel Messi did not score even a single goal in the 5 matches he took part but he was always there with his best. He missed some opportunities and he was unlucky on some occasions as the opponent goalkeepers came out with some of the best saves in the tournament against Messi.
Argentina fans were happy with his performance and he showed that he will be a big factor after 4 years.
Still, Messi does not deserve to get the Golden Ball because it will be an injustice to players like Sneijder, Robben, Xavi or Villa who really tried the best and successfully brought their teams to the final.
After four years, in 2014, Lionel Messi will be 27 years old and that time, World Cup will take place in South America (Brazil). He should be at finest form at that time and he should be indeed the next Diego Maradona for Argentina.
The same thing happened for Diego Maradona. In 1982 World Cup, Maradona (aged 22) played well but Argentina did not move beyond the second round. In 1986 World, Maradona was almost 27 years old and became the best player in the tournament and Argentina became champion.
As for the fans of Messi, La Liga new season is starting next month and it gives the fans to see this great player again in action. 


  1. I think messi deserves to win the golden ball award, or at least be nominatd because 8 out of the nine goals scored by argentina were thanks to Messi, and just because he was a littie unlucky doesn't mean he doesn't deserve to be awarded, sure players like villa and sneijder were, I'm not gonna say better, but they were more lucky to score, than messi, but in my opinion they were not so much better than Messi!

  2. i second this statement..haha! he REALLY deserve it.. talent is not only measured by the goals but in working with his teammates! LA PULGA!:)

  3. if he was unlucky to score goals in fifa he played very well he passed very good balls ,he was the most fauled player,but dont forget that he scored 47 goals ,4 in one game againist arsenal he scored 9 goals in CL,if he could not get his national team to the final was because he had no one to play with him ,all argentinas player want to do solo actions and that is imposible only one can do that ,his name is "Lionel Andreas Messi".

  4. he played well but i am sure there are ten other players who played better than him.

  5. I think than Messi does Deserve it. Him and Forland.
    The 2 of them were the ones that pulled their teams together, and they did it in style too. There may be people that played better than him, but the other 10 didnt do it alone, they had people to help them. Messi and forland didnt. Put aside the fact that he didnt score a goal, and he was the best. He was the only star than 90% lived up to expectations. He's in a leauge above others. Xavi said it himself. And the great Maradona labled him. He is deserving of it.