Thursday, July 8, 2010

Lionel Messi is still the Best Football Player of the World

After disappointing result for Argentina at Quarterfinal of World Cup 2010, Lionel Messi has remained mostly silent. He is perhaps taking some time off and preparing for the next season of La Liga that is supposed to start from 28 August. Spanish coach Vicente del Bosque and Spain defender Carles Puyol have come forward in support of Messi.
Vicente del Bosque has stated that he would rate Messi as one of the best players in this world cup.
Bosque said, "Messi showed what a fine player he is, but for an individual to shine more then that has to go hand in hand with collective success. He was one of the players of the tournament though he remained a little hidden by the situation of his team."
Anders Iniesta also praises the performance of Messi in World Cup. On the other hand, Carles Puyol has said that he felt that Messi would again become World’s best player.  
Most of the fans of Lionel Messi in Argentina and in other countries are also satisfied with his performance. He is still very young and in next World Cup, he will become 27 years old and hopefully, Messi will be at his best at that time. 


  1. what could he do when 3 men always around him? still he always passed the ball to tevez n co . the passes he made the way he disturbed the opposition is just outstanding . he was not getting the proper support. tevez n others including midfield did nothing to provide messi any space and to move players who r always surrounding messi........Messi is the best. best wishes to him

  2. messi is the best even when his team lost he did everything and was behind the success but he lack the harmony and connection he had with barca players but a fine player is fine anywhere and he proved that although he could not score

  3. Definitely!Messi is 1st and unique in the world. He was taken care so well and man-marked all the time, but he did incredible passes and supports for his teammates. He is the best!!!!

  4. i love you messi, u r the best and will be forever............

  5. Messi is the inspiration of the new generation and the skill maker.