Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Luis Suarez is becoming a potential Target for Chelsea

The infamous handball of Luis Suarez in the quarterfinal match against Ghana made him a villain to the outside world but in his own country, Luis Suarez became a national hero. Some of the leading clubs in Europe are interested about this player playing at Ajax. According to ESPN Star, The latest club that is linked with this striker is Chelsea.
Earlier, it was reported that Manchester United was interested to get Suarez. Tottenham Hotspur was linked with him in the transfer rumors. Chelsea has been trying to get Fernando Torres of Spain. However, two problems have occurred about Torres.
First of all, Liverpool is not interested to sell him. Liverpool bosses feel that he is perhaps their top player now and selling him would make the squad very weak. Financial turmoil at Liverpool is a cause of concern for all their fans but still, they want to keep a player like Torres.
Secondly, during this World Cup, Torres suffered an injury and it is still unclear when he will become fit. So, there is now some doubt in the Chelsea camp about getting Torres.
If Chelsea fails to get Torres then Luis Suarez can become a good substitute. The Uruguayan striker was in very good form for Ajax last season. He scored 49 goals in all competition and got the award of Dutch Footballer of the Year. Suarez also impressed everyone at World Cup 2010. He played a crucial role along with Diego Forlan to take Uruguay to semifinals. 

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