Saturday, July 3, 2010

Paraguay model Larissa Riquelme would not need to Run as Spain goes to Semifinal

The fourth quarterfinal match of World Cup Football 2010 between Spain and Paraguay has finished just a few minutes ago. Spain won by 1-0 and that means that Paraguay model Larissa Riquelme wont need to run without any dress as her team has suffered exit from World Cup.
Larissa Riquelme caused a lot of sensation in the media of the country when she announced a few days ago that if Paraguay won the title of FIFA 2010 then she would run in the street with no cloth but painting the flag of her country in her naked body.  
This announcement made her immensely famous in her own country. Some newspapers and news websites of other countries also covered this news and this model became very famous all of a sudden. Some people in her own country felt that she was a very patriotic person.
Well, it seems that it was more or less a publicity stunt as very few people even in Paraguay hoped that the country would win the trophy of World Cup 2010. They are now currently ranked at 31 according to FIFA and in this world cup, they had their best performance by going to the quarterfinals in history of this event. Even the last time, they won the title of Copa America was back in 1979.
Model Larissa Riquelme has perhaps got what she dreamt. It does not matter that Paraguay did not even move in the semifinal. She has become very famous and most probably, she will get some modeling or even movie deals in the coming months. The only sad thing for her perhaps is that her run to the fame ended with the defeat of Paraguay at the hand of Spain earlier tonight. 


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