Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Rafael Nadal Solidifies his Position at ATP Ranking

It seems that 2010 is gradually becoming the year of Rafael Nadal. Yesterday, the new rankings of ATP were published and Nadal was at the top with 10745 points. Novak Djokovic is in the second position with 6,905 points.
The difference between these two players is quite a lot and if Nadal does not lose his form suddenly then there is a strong possibility that he would end the year as the top ranked player.
In ATP ranking, now, at the third position is Roger Federer with 6,885 points. So, Federer is not that far from Djokovic but the Swiss player will have some catching up to do if he wants to reach Nadal in near future.
US Open 2010 will be a real test for Nadal as he has never won the event. He has even never played in the final of this tournament.
In the past, often, it was said that Nadal was mainly The King of Clay and he was not that good for other kind of surfaces. His main success has come from French Open. However, by winning this year’s Wimbledon, the Spanish player has shown that he is catching up in other surfaces too.
Thus, it is time for Nadal to reply his critics in a very good way by wining the title of US Open Tennis 2010. 


  1. You lost me, Mr. Ahmed. Nadal reached the Wimbledon final in 2006 and 2007, and winning it in 2008. He didn't need to win this year's Wimbledon to show that he's "catching up in other surfaces." He had already shown it! And by the way, Nadal has already won a hard court slam too: the 2009 Australian Open.

  2. Also before 2009, Nadal's has never been past the semifinals at the Australian Open, a hard court major. Yet in O9 he won the entire tournament against all odds. If he couples his current outstanding form with the smarter tournament scheduling he displayed this year, this will be his best performance at the US open and I can't see many players that can stop him.

  3. "Not good for other kind of surfaces" is way beyond the truth. Rafa won Roger cup in 2006 by beating Agassi. Andre is the hard court legend. Beating him at the final is out of reach if his opponent is not more than good. Actually I think Rafa doesn't need to proof anything. His AO trophy did all the talking. Just stay healthy, he will complete his GS collection.

  4. Was this guy in another planet for the last couple of years? Doesn't he know that by January 2009, besides the French, Rafa has won Wimbledon and the Australian open, majors on three different surfaces, which was a feat that at the time, Roger Federer hasn't as yet achieved, as he has yet to win his French(thanks to Rafa's sore knees)? So who's catching up in other surfaces? The truth is the reason Rafa hasn't had much success at the US Open is not that he isn't good on hard courts(I think he's better on hard than on grass)but because by the time the US Open comes around he is so beat up and so fatigued from bad scheduling that his performance suffers. In 2008, the culprit was his winning the Olympics(which, incidentally, was on a hard surface), in 2009 it was injuries which prevented him. This time, though, he has better scheduling and is relatively healthy so that there's no reason he wouldn't perform better at the US Open. Here's to 'A Man for All Surfaces'