Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Seven Windows 7 based tablet PCs is coming to the market this year

It looks like Microsoft is making up for its mistake of underestimating the power of Apple’s tablet PC. The company is now collaborating with various manufacturers to release as much Windows 7 supported tablet PCs in the market as possible.

At Microsoft’s Annual World Partner Conference, Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer, said that tablet devices running on Windows 7 will be launched in the coming months. He said that it is “terribly important” to Microsoft.

At the conference, he announced that seven tablet PCs running on Windows 7 will be released this year but he did not mention specific release dates. The tablet PCs would come in various forms some dockable, some with keyboards and other features.

Asus, Dell, Samsung, Toshiba, and Sony are among the manufacturers who are currently working on to bring out their own tablet PCs running on Windows 7 OS.

Earlier, news reports came out that Microsoft would release its own dual-screen tablet PC named Courier but the project was discontinued in April 2010.

At the CES 2010, Steve Ballmer unveiled HP’s tablet PC that run on Windows 7 but the device has not been launched yet.

After stopping its own tablet PC project rumor spread out about the future of HP’s tablet PC but Steve Ballmer named HP as one of the manufacturers that are developing tablet PCs.

Apple's iPad touch-screen device sold 3 million units within 80 days of launch. The million dollar question is-Can Microsoft’s Windows 7 powered tablet PCs exceed Apple’s iPad or do equally well?

Various tech-industry experts are saying that Microsoft’s Windows 7 is mainly a desktop based operating system and shoe-horning the OS into a small, thin, device would not do any good to Microsoft. Though Windows 7 has various features for touch enabled devices it is still an OS that was created to run on bigger and more powerful machines.


  1. This situation is incredibly simple. The iPad is shipping, so it wins. All of these other slate devices are marketing blather until I can buy one.

  2. olabode ogunbodedeJuly 15, 2010 at 3:00 PM

    microsoft neva underestimated the tablet market, their approach wuzz jut differnt.we had poccket pcs remember
    n windows 7 has loads of touch in it. infact i just typed this on my screen.