Monday, July 12, 2010

Sol Campbell: Heading for Another Disaster?

When it comes to hard work and efforts Sol Campbell is surely one of the best in EPL today. He could make a surprise but effective comeback to top class football in January 2010 at Arsenal. He played extremely well but again he is suffering from indecision about where to play next.
Arsene Wenger gave him a good opportunity in January and Campbell worked very hard to make the best of this opportunity. There is no reason that he should feel grateful to Wenger or Arsenal as he really worked hard and played well.
The problem at this moment for Campbell is that several clubs are interested about him. However, he is not sure what he should do or where he should go. Arsenal is offering him contract of one season but he wants for two. Celtic coach would be delighted to have him in the club.
At English Premier League, Sunderland manager Steve Bruce is also too eager to get him as soon as possible. New West Ham coach Avram Grant has the same eagerness like Bruce.
Campbell has not made any final decision yet and he will most probably decide after his honeymoon. He should remember about his mistake on July 2009 by joining Notts County. It was a huge blunder and disaster for Sol Campbell.
Unfortunately, now, Campbell looks to be again in unsettled mood. He seems to be uncertain about his future. 

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