Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunguvarchatram Plant of Foxconn India Shut Down on Safety Ground

Tamil Nadu government has asked Foxconn India, a mobile phone accessory manufacturer, to stop its activities at its Sunguvarchatram Plant on safety ground after a gas leak was found on Friday.

On Friday, 37 workers fell ill because of gas leak at the plant, which is 45 km away from the state capital Chennai, and were admitted to Sri Ramachandra Medical Centre. So, the state government immediately forced Foxconn India to shut down its plant at Sunguvarchatram.

Foxconn India, owned by Foxconn Technology Group, has created 7,000 jobs in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, third highest after Hyundai India and Nokia India. The state government is now going to look into the matter and the plant would remain closed until the government inspection on the safety aspects of the plant is completed.

Foxconn India decided to reopen its Sunguvarchatram plant on Friday following nine months of its closure in order to meet the soaring market demand. Sunguvarchatram plant has 500 workers.

The gas leak was first found out just after the lunch around 2pm when 6 female workers fell ill and were taken to the hospital. The second shift was immediately called off. Few other workers became ill during the third shift, and then finally the plant was shut down.

Foxconn India has not revealed anything on this issue yet. However, the Tamil Nadu government has taken the matter seriously. The plant would now go through a thorough inspection before the plant reopens.

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